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to the town of Talin was made by Ptolemy during the 2nd century. The Aragatsotn Regional State college is a state-owned intermediate technical college based in Talin. Many pre-school kindergartens are also operating in the town. During the 1st half of the 19th century, following the Russo-Persian War in 182628, and as a result of the Treaty of Turkmenchay, major territories of Eastern Armenia -including Talin- became part of the Russian Empire in 1829. Not to be confused with the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn. History edit, ancient history and Middle Ages edit Talin is one of the oldest settlements in modern-day Armenia, with ancient foundations dating back to the 2nd millennium. Many Armenian families from Western Armenia, particularly from Kars, Daruynk and Alashkert, migrated to Talin in 1829-30. Looking for lucky combinations of the name Talin? The church in Talin is under the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Aragatsotn. 2, talin is a very common vänskap feminine name in the. As of November 2017, Talin is home to the largest solar power plant in Armenia. Cattle-breeding is common in the rural areas around Talin. On the other hand, gemstones production is quite developed in Talin. (You can avoid using these average names or not so lucky names with Talin if you wish). The town's main church is the church of Surp Gevork (Saint George) dating back to the 19th century. Nowadays, vänskap Talin has its house of culture, the public library, a school of music, and a geological museum. Like the rest of the regions in Armenia, Football is the most popular sport in Talin.

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The M-1 Motorway passes through Talin from the southeast to the northwest.3 The town has its local "Talin Ashkharh" weekly newspaper.Talin, used by, ptolemy during the 2nd century.


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Demographics edit Saint George's Church of Talin The population of Talin are mainly Armenians whose ancestors migrated from the cities of Kars, Doubeyazt and Elekirt in modern-day Turkey, in 1829-30.However, under the Persian rule, the town has gradually lost its significance during the 17th and 18th centuries, eventually turning into a tiny village.Another historical monument in Talin is the 13th-century caravanserai located at the southern vicinity of the town.”